The major autism debate launched by Lee Scott MP in Westminster London

Lee Scott MP

Suddenly parliamentarians in the Palace of Westminster are talking about autism. This is due to the tremendous efforts by influential parliamentarian Lee Scott MP for Ilford North who is championing the cause of autism in the House of Commons.

Lee Scott in his historic debate on autism in Westminster Hall in London mentioned Vernon Corea’s grandson, Charin who is 11 years old and has ASD.The debate, supported by MPs was held on 7th March 2007.

Vernon Corea fully supported the Autism Awareness Campaign before he died in 2002. He spoke to so many broadcasters at the BBC about autism – he was a senior manager at the BBC and was the Corporation’s Ethnic Minorities Advisor.

Vernon Corea attended the parliamentary debates on autism in 2002 Autism Awareness Year and he was present at the historic service for autism held at St.Paul’s Cathedral in London. There were hundreds of families with autistic children, adults with autism, parents and carers, dignitaries and celebrities at the first ever service for autism at St.Paul’s Cathedral.

To read Lee Scott MP’s major debate on autism in Hansard please click on the link below:


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