Ranjani Mendis passes away in Sri Lanka

A dear friend of Vernon’s, Ranjani Mendis,  wife of singer/songwriter Nimal Mendis passed away in Colombo, Sri Lanka in October 2010. Vernon has met Ranjani and Nimal Mendis together with their son Paul Marie in the 1980s  in Wimbledon Village, London, UK. They have also visited Vernon at the BBC. May her soul rest in peace.

Nimal wrote a beautiful love song dedicated to Ranjani Mendis. The Sinhala title was  ‘Nim Him Sewva,’ sung by Amaradeva, for the late Manik Sandrasagara’s film, Sitadevi. The song was a huge hit in Sri Lanka and the English version,  ‘Yesterday, Today or Tomorrow’ was released in London by Nimal’s company, Media Eye Productions – it was  sung by the rising star Gresha Schuilling. Here is the love song dedicated to Ranjani Mendis, written by her husband Nimal Mendis and sung by Pandit Amaradeva, on youtube –

When did I meet you, my love,

Was it yesterday, today or tomorrow

When did I kiss you my love

Was it yesterday today or tomorrow

Only in time eternal I’ll know

This love is it real is it true

Was it yesterday today or tomorrow

That we met my love me and you

When did I miss you my love

Was it yesterday today or tomorrow

I’ll say au revoir my love

For yesterday today and tomorrow

The last of five songs dedicated to her speaks of looking out of a window.

Sitting by a window, gazing at a rainbow

Suddenly a songbird came into my view

The melody that I heard, I strung into these few words

A manuscript, a serenade, a song of love for you

This is all that I could say, I’ll remind you every day

Nothing more and nothing less, written on this sheet

It will filter thru’ from me, to you in all eternity

Gently it will come to you, with the sound of my heartbeat

Only just a few words, and the tune sung by a songbird

Only just a few words, to tell you how I feel

Only just a few words, a perfect phrase you’ve always heard

I love you are the only words, every lover deals

A tune is all around me, the songbird’s haunting melody

There is nothing new to write, yet it’s like a symphony

Even in this fading light, as the day turns into night

My love will come into your heart, and there it will always be.

Vernon Corea with Nimal, Ranjani and Paul Marie Mendis in the 1980s in Wimbledon Village, South West London, UK.

Listen to Desmond de Silva singing the Nimal Mendis hit:

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