A Visit to the Chinese Lotus Hotel and Hotel de Buhari in Colombo

Vernon loved to take his family to the Chinese Lotus Hotel in Kollupitiya in Colombo-3. Sadly the restaurant has been demolished to make way for new buildings. The Lotus Hotel was a popular restaurant with Sri Lankan families – it was famed for crabs claws and prawn curries.

Vernon also loved to eat at the Hotel de Buhari in Maradana – the restaurant is still in existence. The Buhari Hotel was famed for ‘Buhari Biryani’ since the 1940s in Colombo.

Biryani with Sri Lankan spices

Rice and Prawns - Sri Lankan curry

Vernon also dabbled with cooking exotic dishes in Maha Nuge Gardens . He also loved the traditional Sri Lankan cuisine like ‘kiribath,’ or milk rice. Kiribath was served on special occasions for breakfast in Maha Nuge Gardens such as Christmas, Sinhala and Tamil New Year, birthdays and Easter.

One of Vernon's favorite dishes - Kiribath or milk rice - traditional Sri Lankan cuisine.

From Wikipedia –

In Sri Lanka biryani is most popular amongst Muslims and is usually served with chicken, beef or mutton. In many cases, Sri Lankan biryani is much spicier than most Indian varieties. Popular side dishes include Acchar, Malay Pickle, cashew curry and Ground Mint Sambol.

A popular form of biryani uses string hoppers as a substitute for rice. It is often served with scrambled eggs or vegetables.


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