Tony Brent on Radio Ceylon

Radio Ceylon Broadcasters like Vernon Corea popularised the music of the Anglo-Indian star Tony Brent across South Asia.

The legendary broadcaster Vernon Corea (second from left) at Radio Ceylon

Radio Ceylon has helped so many Indian musicians over the years – they have gone on to stardom not only in India but in other parts of the world. Tony Brent was one of them. He was a young Anglo-Indian musician with huge talent. Tony Brent had a beautiful voice and Radio Ceylon certainly propelled him upwards.

Radio Ceylon broadcasters like Vernon Corea played  Tony Brent’s records ‘In My Little Room,’  and ‘Cindy Oh Cindy,’  on his popular radio programmes on the station in the late 1950s. They became huge hits on the Indian sub-continent. At the time Radio Ceylon ruled the airwaves in South Asia. If your record was played on Radio Ceylon it really helped your chances of succeeding in the music world.

The station also played the other hits released by Tony Brent. He moved to the United Kingdom in the 1950s eventually moving to Australia where he passed away in 1993 aged 65.

Watch a Pathe Film news item on Tony Brent filmed in 1959 with comedians Mike and Bernie Winters –

Information about Tony Brent on Wikipedia:

Tony Brent (26 August 1927 — 19 June 1993) was a British vocalist, most active in the 1950s. He scored seven Top 20 chart hits in the UK over an almost six year period, starting in January 1953.


He was born Reginald Hogan Bretagne, and lived at Ebrahim Terrace, Spence Road, Byculla, Bombay, India of Anglo-Indian descent. During the 1950s Brent became a popular UK based vocalist, having relocated there in 1947. Two years after his move, Brent entered and was successful in a talent show held at the Regal Theatre in Kingston. He had sung a version of “Some Enchanted Evening“, and this led him on to work with Ambrose and Cyril Stapleton‘s BBC Showband. His subsequent chart hits included “Walkin’ to Missouri“, “Cindy, Oh Cindy” and “Dark Moon“. Brent’s hits were all released on the Columbia label.[1] He enjoyed iconic status in South Asia where his hits topped the music charts on Radio Ceylon.

He resumed his travels in 1961, and left the UK to live in Australia. He owned a succession of Indian food restaurants, whilst maintaining his singing career. Brent died in Sydney, at the age of 65, of a heart attack in June 1993. His ashes were scattered in the Ganges.[2]

Chart single discography

All entries relate to the UK Singles Chart

  • Walkin’ to Missouri” (1952) – #7
  • “Make It Soon” (1953) – #9
  • “Got You on My Mind” (1953) – #12
  • Cindy, Oh Cindy” (1956) – #16
  • Dark Moon” (1957) – #17
  • “The Clouds Will Soon Roll By” (1958) – #20
  • “Girl Of My Dreams” (1958) – #16
  • “Why Should I Be Lonely?” (1959) – #24

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