Vernon Corea mentioned in ‘Sri Lanka In Pictures’ book

Vernon Corea was featured in the 'Sri Lanka in Pictures' book written by Sara Hoffmann.

The pioneering Radio Ceylon and BBC broadcaster, Vernon Corea was featured in a book written by Sara Hoffmann titled ‘Sri Lanka in Pictures.’ Vernon Corea was mentioned in a chapter called Famous People.

Information about ‘Sri Lanka in Pictures’:

Publisher Description

This is the ideal research tool for aspiring geographers and historians. The new, completely revised and redesigned second edition of the highly acclaimed “Visual Geography” series reveals the history and government, economy, people, geography and cultural life of countries around the world. Fully web-enhanced, the books include comprehensive text, beautiful full-colour photography and interesting, detailed sidebars, making them perfect for writing reports, finding fast facts and gaining insight into fascinating cultures. Bonus features include: up-to-date text and statistics and current maps; a list of famous people and sights to see; an annotated bibliography and a glossary, further reading lists and websites; country flag, national anthem, timeline and more; up-to-the-minute geographic, demographic, cultural and economic information as well as late-breaking news. Themes and topics developed include: Culture; Time, Continuity and Change; Individual Development and Identity; Individuals, Groups and Institutions; Power, Authority and Governance; Production, Distribution and Consumption; Science, Technology and Society; and Global Connections.


  • ISBN 0822534819
  • ISBN-13 9780822534815
  • Title Sri Lanka in Pictures
  • Author Sara Hoffmann
  • Format Library Binding
  • Year 2006
  • Pages 80
  • Edition 2nd
  • Publisher Twenty-First Century Books (CT)
  • Dimensions182mm x 11mm x 263mm



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