Radio Worldwide in Upper Norwood

Vernon and Monica Corea joined Radio Worldwide in 1975 – Radio Worldwide is the radio project of WEC – the wider organisation was founded by the All-England test cricketer C.T.Studd who played for England during the great cricket era of W.G.Grace. C.T.Studd actually visited Ceylon and played in Colombo on route to Australia with the England team. Radio Worldwide was housed in a large Victorian house at No 13 Harold Road in Upper Norwood in South East London in the United Kingdom. The adjoining property also belonged to RW. The main studio and the offices and record and tape library were at No 13 Harold Road.RW radio programmes were beamed from radio stations around the world – RW bought airtime for their programmes – people wrote in from all over the world.

Radio Worldwide was founded by the pioneering Phil Booth and his wife Miriam who shared their faith through the medium of radio.

Vernon received the offer to present ‘London Sounds Eastern’ on BBC Radio London 206 when he was at Radio Worldwide – initially he was seconded by RW but left the organisation to join the BBC.


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