The Edirimanne Corea Family Union

Edirimanne Corea Family Union

A Family Get Together of the Corea Family Union in Sri Lanka

Vernon Corea is a member of the Corea Family who hail from Chilaw in Sri Lanka. Here is the Wikipedia entry for the Edirimanne Corea Family Union:

The Edirimanne Corea Family Union (ECFU) is a group set up to ‘foster interaction’ among the members of the powerful Corea family in the island of Sri Lanka.[1] The Corea family is one of the leading families of Sri Lanka. They trace their ancestry to Dominicus Corea also known as Edirille Rala who was crowned King of Kotte and Sitawaka in Sri Lanka – Dominicus Corea was born in Colombo in 1565.

Edirille Rala, King Dominicus Corea of Sri Lanka

Dominicus Corea, the warrior king, rebelled against the colonial Portugese forces and waged war against them.He was eventually captured by the Portugese and executed on July 14, 1596, at the age of 31 in Colombo. “Such was the sad end of Domingos Corea, Edirimana Suriya Bandara, the greatest Sinhalese of his day,” said Sri Lankan historian John M. Seneviratna. ‘Great Warriors like Mayadunne, Veediya Bandara, Seethawaka Rajasinghe, Vimaladharmasuriya I, Senarath, Rajasinghe II, Nikapitiye Bandara and Edirille Rala who fought the Portuguese to preserve our territorial integrity and kept the Portuguese at bay despite all odds,’ wrote Janaka Perera in the Asian Tribune. [2]

The Corea Family from Chilaw

The ECFU group according to the Daily News of Sri Lanka was set up in the 1970s.[3] The Corea family that hails from Chilaw and has produced freedom fighters, members of the Legislative Council, State Council, House of Representatives, the diplomatic corps, broadcasting and print media and professionals in many fields, are knit together by an active family union.[4]

The Annual General Meeting of the Edirimanne Corea Family Union and Members’ Day-Out was held at the Leisure Lounge of the ‘Ambalama’ in Hanwella and the old and the young took their chance to meet, greet, unwind, relax and carry home memories of the warmth and intimacy of a family legacy. Singing, dancing and games replete with prizes and surprises filled the air. Nearly one-hundred members of the Corea family met to elect the following Office Bearers for 2010/2011 :

Patron : Dr Vijaya Corea; President: Dr Eugene Corea; Vice Presidents : Nirmali Jayasekera and Surangani Ameresekere; Secretary : Neville S.Weerasekera; Asst Secretary : Patsy Abeyasekera; Treasurer : Suvendreni Y. Weerasekera; Assistant Treasurer : Ranmal Goonetillake; Committee : Gerry de Alwis, Christabelle Aturupane, Priya Samarasinghe, Dukshi Goonetillake, Lilani Corea Dharmaratne, Shiranee Gunawardene, Amal Jayasekera, Wimal Perera; Entertainment Sub-Committee: Gamini de Silva, Shanika Peiris and Nihal Corea. [5]

Quotes about the Edirimane Corea Family Union

‘The Corea Family Union was formed with the descendants of Dominicus Corea, alias Edirille Rala who had rendered a immortal service to protect the country from Portuguese invasion. It is notable to write that the Corea Union is open to all the descendants of Dominicus Corea.’ – Dr. Mirando Obeysekere, Daily News, Sri Lanka –

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