The iconic house ‘Sigiriya,’ in Chilaw – Mahatma Gandhi stayed here in 1927

This is the iconic home, ‘Sigiriya’ in Chilaw. Mahatma Gandhi stayed here in November 1927 on his visit to Chilaw. Sigiriya was owned by Agnes Corea, sister of C.E.Corea, Victor Corea and Dr. James Alfred Ernest Corea, Vernon’s grand father. Vernon has visited Sigiriya on so many visits to Chilaw. The house is now empty and is in a sad state.

Sigiriya Chilaw in 1980

Sigiriya Chilaw in 2011

Mahatma Gandhi stayed in Sigiriya in Chilaw in November 1927

A Banquet was held in Sigiriya Chilaw in honour of the visit of Mahatma Gandhi in November 1927.

An ornate pillar on the wall of Sigiriya in Chilaw

Mahatma Gandhi, his wife Kasturba and his entourage stayed in Sigiriya Chilaw for a few days in November 1927.

The entrance to the iconic home Sigiriya in Chilaw

Mahatma Gandhi was invited to stay at Sigiriya in Chilaw by C.E.Corea and Victor Corea

Mahatma Gandhi praised the Corea Family of Chilaw for campaigning so hard for the freedom of Sri Lanka

Mahatma Gandhi and his wife Kasturba

Mahatma Gandhi in Chilaw in November 1927