ECFU organises ‘Sing-A-Long’ Event on 20th November 2011 at the Galadari Hotel Colombo

The Edirimanne Corea Family Union is organising a ‘Sing-A-Long’ on the 20th of November 2011, at the Galdari Hotel in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The compere is Vernon’s cousin, Vijaya Corea.

Here is the article from the Daily News, Sri Lanka –

Fabulous musical evening

Chance to win an air ticket:

Nalin & The Star Combnation

Annesley Malewana was mentored by Vernon Corea in the 1960s.

Here’s news of a great evening for music lovers who are looking for just the right kind of relaxation sprinkled with entertainment that combines two popular concepts.

For those who enjoy those golden oldies plus the evergreen hits of yesteryear, there is going to be an opportunity to hear them and to join in singing them. For those who love the beat, lilt and rhythm and are infected by it in a manner that makes them itch to dance the bandstand is waiting to invite, tempt and grab everyone to the dancefloor.

Nalin & the Star Combination

The date is fixed for Sunday, November 20 at 6.30 pm at the Galadari Hotel Grand Ballroom. The two in one package, which mainly comprises a “Sing-A-Long” and winds up with music for dancing until 10.30 pm, is tipped to go on record as an evening that will be long remembered.

The song and dance exponents Nalin & the Star Combination will belt out those popular hits that will see everyone joining in the singing with a prize on offer for the Best Singing Table.

In the latter part of the evening, when the mood is right for dancing, the floor will open up to take on as many couples who would enjoy tripping the light fantastic toe until guest star, the evergreen Annesley Malawana comes on stage for a scintillating performance leading to a Baila Competition that will throw up a Winner and a Runner-Up couple.

To keep the night alive and ticking compere Vijaya Corea, will be mike side with his wit and humour enveloped by the unique tambour of his golden voice.

The evening will be replete with rewards for those who are there: an air ticket is the first prize in the Entrance Ticket Draw with many more.

There are valuable prizes on the Business Ticket Draw too. Prizes have been slashed on food and beverage, especially for this occasion, with no corkage too.

Tickets can be purchased at Torana (Liberty Plaza and Majectic City) and as the saying goes – The early bird catches the worm.

Naturally, there is going to be a rush on for tickets.

Some have already planned to gather their friends and form a table, considering that every 10 tickets purchased would allow one access to an exclusive reserved table.

The significance of this evening, which has been organized by the Edirimanne Corea Family Union, is that the money spent on every ticket will not only benefit the buyer but also suffering cancer patients for whose welfare the event will be conducted as a Fund Raiser.

The tickets, for what is anticipated to be a ‘full house’, are now selling fast at Torana, Liberty Plaza and Majestic City.

As the saying goes : “The early bird catches the worm.”


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