Australia’s Alston Koch’s tribute to Vernon Corea – marking his 10th Death Anniversary

Australian music legend Alston Koch paid a tribute to Vernon Corea

Alston Koch is a music legend from Australia – he was born in Sri Lanka. When Alston was a very young teenager, growing up in Colombo he aspired to be a star. The man who helped him was Vernon Corea who had a highly influential column called EMCEE in the Ceylon Daily News in the 1960s and 1970s. Vernon wrote the first ever feature on Alston publishing a photograph of the teenager. When Alston joined Mignonne Fernando and The Jetliners Vernon has introduced Alston on many a stage in Colombo, including the famous Coconut Grove – at the Galle Face Hotel in Colombo. Alston went on to find fame and huge success – including being featured on MTV in Asia – when he moved to Australia. He was also appointed an Ambassador for Sri Lanka Tourism.

Writing from Australia, Alston said:

‘Vernon Corea -the EMCEE himself the journalist’s journalist and mostly because he was a compassionate and wonderful human being! May his soul rest in peace….’

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