Indian Star Ernest Ignatius on Vernon Corea of Radio Ceylon/SLBC – 10th Death Anniversary

The highly talented Ernest Ignatius was first featured by Vernon Corea over the airwaves of Radio Ceylon in the 1960s.

Indian Star Ernest Ignatius has sent a message marking the 10th Anniversary of Vernon Corea. It was Vernon who interviewed Ernest Ignatius when he flew down to Colombo in the 1960s to promote his single ‘I Married A Female Wrestler.’ As a result of the airplay on Radio Ceylon it became a huge hit right across South Asia. Ernest Ignatius is an actor and singer in the United Kingdom and has even went on to be a success in Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘Bombay Dreams’ in London. He was so popular in South Asia in the 1960s. Everyone knew the words to ‘I Married A Female Wrestler.’

Ernest Ignatius said:

‘My thoughts are with you and your family as you remember the life of your late father Vernon. I’m proud to be a part of that amazing roll call of people that were touched by the hand of Vernon Corea.’


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