Legendary Broadcaster Vernon Corea on ‘Pause for Thought’ on BBC Radio 2 The Derek Jameson Show in 1987

Derek Jameson was a very popular BBC Broadcaster in the 1980s. Jameson knew Vernon Corea who was featured on his show. Vernon was the BBC’s Ethnic Minorities Adviser in the 1980s. (Photo courtesy of Phil Guest on Wikipedia)

Vernon Corea was a distinguished broadcaster of Radio Ceylon/SLBC and the BBC.

These are rare recording of the legendary broadcaster Vernon Corea on ‘Pause for Thought’ on BBC Radio 2 on the Derek Jamieson Show on BBC Radio 2. The Derek Jameson Show was extremely popular in the 1980s and millions of listeners tuned into the show – they all heard Vernon Corea on ‘Pause for Thought.’

Listen to the studio banter between Derek Jameson and Vernon Corea.