Bathiya and Santhush on Vernon Corea

The iconic Sri Lankan music stars Bathiya and Santhush have sent a message to mark Vernon Corea’s 10th Death Anniversary. A Memorial Service was held on Saturday 29th September 2012 at St. Paul’s Church Milagiriya. Bathiya and Santhush are huge stars in South Asia. Here is their message:

Two of South Asia’s biggest pop stars, Bathiya and Santhush of Sri Lanka have released a message on Vernon Corea, Sri Lanka’s distinguished broadcaster of Radio/Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation and the BBC.

‘We are sorry we are unable to be at the Memorial Service to Vernon Corea as we are touring Sri Lanka in connection with the T20 cricket series, but we want to pause and remember a son of Sri Lanka who has made a significant contribution to broadcasting in our country. Vernon created history by introducing Sinhala music on the English Services of Radio Ceylon/SLBC. As musicians of the current generation we can see it as a pivotal moment in broadcasting and to the advancement of music in Sri Lanka. Vernon together with his cousins Sangabo Corea and Vijaya Corea are known throught the land and in South Asia as the ‘Godfathers of Sinhala popular music.’ For this we want to say ‘thank you’ to Vernon Corea for his wholehearted support to musicians from our country and to the music industry – he helped and supported them all when he was a broadcaster with Radio Ceylon and the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation. He was in the forefront of pioneering shows – it is now that people are realising that Vernon’s ‘Maliban Show’ on Radio Ceylon in the 1960s was the ‘X Factor’ of the day – he found new Sri Lankan talent and even mentored some of them. Distinguished broadcasters like Vernon Corea have been a tower of strength to our country’s music industry.’


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