Rukshan Karunanayake of the Chimes of the 70s on Vernon Corea

Commemorating the 10th Death Anniversary of
Late & Great Mr. Vernon Corea

Rukshan Karunanayake at the Memorial Service for Vernon Corea

It’s with the deepest gratitude, that I’m contributing this message for the commemoration of 10th death anniversary of late & great, Mr. Vernon Corea. Though I’m from several generations after him, the interest I had with myself to research about the music of 60’s & 70’s, made me aware of this legendary personality.

Speaking of the 60’s, the only electronic medium prevailed at that time was the good old Radio Ceylon (presently, Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation). The revolution he took forward as a broadcaster to convince the listener was very remarkable as he had used to present many programmes in his own, inimitable style. Also it was the 3 “Coreas” namely, Vernon, Sangabo & Vijaya who pioneered in discovering & introducing “Clarence Wijewardane & The Moonstones” over the English Service of Radio Ceylon, which gave birth to Sinhala POP music in Sri Lanka. Not only by radio, Mr. Vernon Corea led the platform for so many artists by introducing them to the public through the “EMCEE” column of Daily Newspaper which is also very significant.

In terms of me being a musician & my genre being Sinhala POP, I always appreciate the great service rendered by Mr. Vernon Corea for the sustainment of Sri Lankan artists. Also he pioneered in promoting Sinhala music over the waves of BBC & had interviewed several Sri Lankan artists during their tours to UK.

“Coreas” have always being people who admire good music & they have always given a hand to the musicians in every possible way. At the same time, I would like to remember Dr. Vijaya Corea too, who thoroughly guided me with my music career, which led to the success I have achieved as a musician.

Finally speaking of late & great Mr. Vernon Corea, what I would like to say is, the country produced a man like him who was gifted with so many unique talents & capabilities & he is a true HALLMARK of Mother Lanka.

May His Soul Rest in Peace!!!!

Musically yours,

Rukshan Karunanayake
Lead Guitarist/Lyricist/Composer/Music Director/Audio Engineer
Leader – “Chimes of The 70’s” Band


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