The Battle for Ceylon – 5th April 1942 – Japanese Newsreel on the bombing of Colombo and Trincomalee

Vernon Corea was just 15 years old when the Japanese made a surprise attack on Colombo, Ceylon on the 5th of April 1942 bombing parts of the city. Vernon was living at the vicarage at St.Luke’s Church Borella in Colombo. His father Reverend Canon Ivan Corea was preaching at St.Luke’s Church, Borella at the time the Japanese attacked Ceylon. His mother Ouida Corea and brother Ernest were also there at the Easter Sunday Service at St.Luke’s, the church was packed.

RAF Hurricanes flew out of the Colombo Racecourse grounds nearby to intercept the Japanese zero aircraft high above St. Luke’s Church Borella. Vernon witnessed the Battle for Ceylon from right outside the church. The Japanese Fleet followed that up by bombing Trincomalee and sinking the British carrier HMS Hermes off the east coast of Sri Lanka.

We found some Japanese newsreel on the worldwide web from 28th April 1942, filming the Battle for Ceylon and the bombing of Trincomalee. The newsreel shows Japanese zero attack aircraft and zero bombers taking off from Japanese aircraft carriers to attack Colombo on the 5th of April 1942 on Easter Sunday.

Here is a short film on youtube from Wikipedia on the Easter Sunday Raid:


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