The Beachcomber film was shot in Ceylon, Sri Lanka in 1954

The Beachcomber movie was filmed in Ceylon.

The Beachcomber movie was filmed in Ceylon.

Another film enjoyed by Vernon Corea was ‘The Beachcomber’ shot in Ceylon now Sri Lanka in 1954. It was a British comedy directed by Muriel Box and starred Donald Sinden, Glynis Johns, Robert Newton, Paul Rogers, Donald Pleasence and Michael Hordern. The film is based on the story The Vessel of Wrath by W. Somerset Maugham and was adapted by Sydney Box. It was the second screen adaptation of the book following the 1938 film Vessel of Wrath.

According to the Sunday Times of Sri Lanka:’The story concerns the small British community in the Welcome Islands (although situated in the south Atlantic they were transposed to the Indian Ocean), the governor, Martha and Owen, brother and sister missionaries, and the self-styled ‘the Honourable Ted’, a hard-drinking, womanizing social outcast. When cholera threatens the island’s indigenous inhabitants, the unlikely pair of Martha and Ted work together to stop its spread.’

Radio Ceylon also mentioned the film on the airwaves of the station.


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