The Planter’s Wife filmed in Ceylon in 1952

The Planters Wife was a British Film shot in Ceylon, Sri Lanka in 1952, watched by Vernon Corea and his friends. According to the Sunday Times Sri Lanka: ‘In 1952, compatriot Ken Annakin (whose later films included the wacky Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines and the bloody Battle of the Bulge) directed The Planter’s Wife (aka Outpost in Malaya in the US). This UK-produced film, made in black-and-white, is based on the novel of the same name by the popular war author, Sidney Charles George, and stars Claudette Colbert, Jack Hawkins and Anthony Steel. A supporting actor, primarily known as a classical Indian dancer, was Ram Gopal. He worked on several films in Ceylon.

The Planter’s Wife concerns a rubber planter and his wife who struggle to defend their home against communist insurgents during the Malayan Emergency.’


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