Read the translation of The Mahavamsa – the Great Chronicle of Sri Lanka

The Mahavamsa calls Vernon Corea's ancestor Edirille Rala (Dominicus Corea) a 'war hero' and a 'ruler.'

The Mahavamsa calls Vernon Corea’s ancestor Edirille Rala (Dominicus Corea) a ‘war hero’ and a ‘ruler.’

Read the English translation of The Mahavamsa, the Great Chronicle of Sri Lanka, translated by Professor William Geiger, published for the Pali Text Spcoety, first published in 1912.

The ‘Mahavamsa’, the recorded chronicles of Sri Lankan history (starting from the 3rd Century BCE), refers to Edirille Rala as a ‘war hero.’ Edirille Rala is Vernon Corea’s ancestor.

The Mahavamsa recalls the meeting of Edirille Rala and Commander Veediya Bandara who led the armies of the Kandyan kingdom. Edirille Rala married his daughter when he was crowned King of Kotte and Sitawaka.

According to the Mahavamsa, ‘He (Veediya Bandara), went and stopped at the Seven Korale. By this time, the ruler there was a war hero. He was Edirimanne Suriya, better known as Edirille Rala. He had made Mudukondapala, a place close to Kurunegala, his capital city. When he saw Commander Veediya Bandara, he was delighted and welcomed him with all love and respect. He was well treated. Then both of them broke into conversation. Edirille Rala, just like Veediya Bandara, was an erstwhile enemy of the Portuguese. As such, this meeting of theirs was extra special. Both of them were enemies of the King of Sitawaka as well. This common feature was something to be happy about.’

The Sunday Times Sri Lanka on The Mahavamsa and King Edirille Rala:

Veediya Bandara seeks refuge:

The end of Edirille Rala:


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