A Lipton’s Tea Film on the Tea Industry in Ceylon in 1934

Rare film footage from British Pathe films on the tea industry in Ceylon in 1934:

British Pathe film on Ceylon: Men work on the land with picks. Men and women pick tea. A man shakes something (pesticide?) on to a pruned tea plant? The cut branch ends have a substance painted on them. A large number of women and children carry baskets. High panning shot of people picking tea. C/U of young girl with elaborate nose ring picking leaves. She looks at the camera. C/U of the leaves. Many women pick tea. Men hook sacks of leaves on to a winch. The sacks are then carried across a hill to the processing plant. An overseer walks past many women sorting tea leaves. A basket of leaves is weighed and a woman is paid. Inside processing plant. Leaves are ground by machine. C/U of various machines. Women carry leaves in metal bowls on their heads. Tea is packed into cases with “Lipton” on the side.

Shot of children being bathed. C/U of baby being washed. Older children wash in a pool or river. A large group of children are given food to eat outside a building (possibly a school). Scenes from a religious parade are shown. A primitive fairground ride made of wood that is spun by hand. High shot of the village. Packing cases of tea are carried into a warehouse. Freight train travels through Ceylon countryside. Cases of tea are loaded into wagons pulled by water buffaloes. Interior of the tasting room? The wagons are seen being pulled through the Lipton’s gates and into the town. An elephant carries some cases in its trunk. Cases of tea are loaded on to a small boat, these are then winched on to a larger cargo ship. We see this large liner sail off. Shot in Egypt. Sphinx and pyramids seen behind men on camels. Case with the word “Lipton” clearly visible strapped to the camels. Camel train.

Title reads: “Lipton’s – L’organisation sur laquelle le soleil ne se couche jamais”. [Cataloguer’s translation: “The organisation upon which the sun never sets”.]


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